Relationship Poems
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Relationship Poems


I can be a butterfly if you like
A colourful little creature
Full of grace and beauty

Or the fresh grass in spring
If you wish
Snuggled by the rain
On a warm day

Maybe a little bird
You say
Following the fly around
Living high in the three

No, no, no

I`m the fucking
Monster from the closet
Ready to tear you apart
Killing your thoughts and
Smashing your fingers

Do you have any other wishes
My dear?
Maybe you prefer me
To take your voice
With the fist?

How about
Hanging you on the wall
With those nice
Colouring pencils
You keep in the drawer?

Open your eyes
We are not just black and white
Monsters or saints
We are humans
Who make mistakes
And cannot explain
What is it that they feel
Most of the time
We don’t know how
To cry
Or say goodbye
We don’t know how
To not lie
We don’t know how
To not be ashamed
We don’t know how
To love
Or trust
We are afraid
Of life



photograph by Chelsea Francis


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  1. Anna Elise says:

    Great rhythm and voice! I really enjoyed this.

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