Behind the Glass

Free-Form Poetry
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Free-Form Poetry


Moving in a slow-motion daydream
Trying to touch the ocean
Behind my opened eyes
Taking time to sense
The depth of each wave
Making my way through
The blue water sky
I watch from my window
The world floats across
The glass of my mind
Fields of pink, periwinkle foothills
Cows grazing in the hazy twilight

On a train traveling on moments
Like beads on an unending string
Wondering if I’m connected to
A world beyond my window pane
Out of reach and fleeting
Trying to feel the sweetness
Without a sense of doubt
Trying to live this
Without a sense of

The world slowing down
Submerged in the dark
Riding up and over
Across bridges suspending
Watching spiraling galaxies
Flickering and passing

Traveling on memories
Emotions roll along
Wishing for potency
To feel the reality
Without waiting for

How to make time stand still
How to make yourself feel
Life come alive


more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Paula Borowska


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