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A mustache switches
Sides, left, right,
as he decides holding
a beige peacoat up, tilting
his head, left, right,
in Banana Republic women’s section,
two days before Christmas.
His gold wedding ring shining
next to a silver hanger.

The next day,
museum gift shop on Christmas Eve,
another man with a wedding band,
trying on intricately beaded women’s bracelets, tilting
his head, left, right
tightening and untightening the elastic string, thinking,
perhaps imagining his wife wearing this
in purple or red under fluorescents.

Looking for a perfect cashmere sweater,
leather boots, a diamond necklace.

I want to tell them,
you have what I want every Christmas. 

An unopened present by the tree,
wrapped by a gift shop,
hours put into a box,
that face anxiously waiting
for it to be unwrapped.


Photograph by Tashka2000

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