I’m Listening

Girl on a Bridge
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My spirit knows.
She knows it.
Knows the us before
from the ancient past
into eternity.

My spirit, she knows
more than any other part
of me,
she knows.
A knowing like
she knows the dolphin heart
is near before the playful creature
bursts above into view.

My spirit.
Yes, she knows it.  True.
Feels it, this presence,
gentle and wild,
moose spirit in full beauty
without ever seeing the
entire picture.
My spirit knows.

My spirit, she knows
her future life
being called into
My body has
a taste,
a sense of
this wisdom without
full sight or
just yet.

Yet, my spirit knows.

There are tricks that
dance in my mind like
the light flickers
off moving water, bringing
a question to view for
brief moments.
Illuminating truth or
is it only an
Ask my spirit because,
She knows.

She knows,
like a single
so strong, in my core
it can’t break or
be deceived or
even ignored.
That heart string
is solid, has
grown over years and
lifetimes to strengthen,
tall and
straight and
A redwood standing
majestic on
the peaceful forest

And, the knowing of
my spirit
will grow.
Encircling my
heart, my ancient
core cord, in rings
moving outwards from

My spirit…
she knows.
And, all I have to do is
keep listening.

more by MISSY

Photograph by Doug Robichaud

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  1. Anna says:

    Wow this is so beautiful. There is a mysteriousness of not knowing what one’s destiny
    holds yet an unknown comfort and peace is whispered and held by your intuition. I love all the references to timeless and ancient life, like your spirit’s journey has gone on way longer than your present existence and will continue for centuries after you. Thank you for writing this!

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