Out With All The Junk

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Usher in the era of online dating
get nowhere faster the slower you click
in person; no clicks
no cliques to forward the pressure of
motion toward social blossom
implode our mission (which was?)
outfits that suggest maybe the time
was wrong and right another day

Choose the firm grip – spin yarns with
looms off tense auction blocks
nearly won by, not a have-not even
worse a waste-not-want-not
that’s an entendre filled with mascara
thin smile
Ballerina flats in semi-sweet weather
that’s pause
that’s going
that’s never knowing
hold up that’s why
we hoard


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Photograph by Bob Jagendorf

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Lord Bison

Jazz-soaked spirit running circles around despair...or something like that. Really. Lover of words, lover of being in worlds free...just...free. New Yorker, artist, Virgo besieged by airhead tendencies akin to Libra moves. Bronx is home base. Began an obsession with writing at seven and twenty-odd years hence, still at it. Enjoy/love/hate/be bored/appreciate to your heart's content. Or something like that. http://www.lbisonartist.com

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