Killing A Dream

poems about giving up



Some days are hard
and sometimes I see the light
but how can I? Say goodbye?
To you, my dreams, my true
love and passion, the strongest

I hate the days when I have to
fight… when I must be brave,
a warrior and kill your
breath – while still you live!

Sombre is the hour when my
heart says “yes, I want you,”
but my fingers are blue with
cold and my soul desires
nothing but to get rid of
the past and all the lies – of you!

As I cry…there… alone
under the starless sky
I find courage, terrible strength!
To see you leaving and gone!

Will my heart forgive me?
Will the sun shine again?
Tomorrow, next year, never?
One thing I know
I’ll remember you forever…



photograph by Greg Raines


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