poem about hope
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Poem About Hope


She held onto the familiar strand
of hope that this silver lining will
pull the clouded curtain of somber
and reveal shining gold and hues
of bright blue, endless happiness

But no matter how long she stood
and believed in the mystery of her
silver lining, the curtain remained
listless and her hope faded into its
dark, pulsing folds, drafty shadows

imagine a drum beat
staccato, round,
expanding in sound
flashing its loud,
popping vibrations
and just as it sounded
it rebounded into itself
into nothing
like her hope

But since the orchestra packed up
and walked out of the pit below her
silent, dim stage, there was no drum
to capture the feeling in the air, with
a swift, simple rap of the little snare


more by A. M. LAINE

photograph by Lucas Boesche


Image Curve’s Manifesto

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