Lemming Scavengers – Part Three


Serial Fiction

Jamie was almost too scared to turn around, but she did anyways. She briefly thought about how stupid it was that she was taking orders from an app, but dismissed it.

What Jamie expected was to see someone holding up a butcher knife; Instead, it was her friend, Rick. He was the one who got her to start using Scavenger.

“Jesus, Rick, you scared me!” Jamie thought for a moment. “Wait, did you send me the text?”

“What?” asked Rick. “What text?”

“Never mind.”

Rick looked at the person leaning against the tree. “Who’s that?”

“Um…” Jamie looked nervous.

“That’s another dead person, isn’t it!” accused Rick. He stared at the body for a moment before looking Jamie dead in the eye. “You’re not the one killing all of these people, are you?”

What!?” If Jamie were a dog her heckles would’ve been raised. “Do you think I like finding all of these dead people?!”

“Ok, chill, I was just asking.” Rick almost looked too calm. “How about you go home and I’ll call the police.”

Jamie was suspicious of his tranquil façade; nobody should be that calm about finding a dead body…but Rick was always a little weird. Nonetheless, Jamie was tired. She decided she would deal with this later.

A few days after the last incident, Rick called Jamie and asked if she wanted to go out on Scavenger with him. Jamie figured he just wanted to use her car to get across town, but she said yes anyways. That, and she never ever wanted to play alone again.

They went back to where she had found the body a few days before so Jamie could send in the picture she never took for the last clue. As soon as she sent it in, she got a text saying, “Thank you for continuing to play with us! You’ve also hit 100 points! We’ve sent you an email regarding your free gift card 🙂 Here is your next clue.”

Rick read the text over her shoulder. “Hey, I have the same clue!” Of course, it was across town. Jamie drove them, feeling at ease considering there was no sign of a dead body in the picture from last text.

The next location was at an abandoned tree house in a forest at the edge of town. Of course it would be here thought Jamie. She was nervous, but she was here with Rick, so she wasn’t too concerned.

They both sent in a picture, and Jamie got another text. All it said was, “Game over.”

“Hey, Rick? Did you get a weird text from the app?”

Rick had his back to her and didn’t answer.

“Hey, Jamie…remember when I asked you to prom and you said no?”

Jamie’s face scrunched up. “I was literally dating Tom at the time, why would’ve I said yes?” Rick didn’t say anything.

“Why are you bringing this up, I thought we were over it.”

“You were,” replied Rick. “I wasn’t.”

“If this is why you asked me to come with you I’m going to leave your ass in the forest. Maybe scavenger will use you as a new photo spot.”

Rick laughed. “It’s not my ass that’s going to be staying in the forest.”

Jamie was getting ready to walk back to her car but she hesitated.

“What does that mean?”

Without answering, Rick continued speaking. “It’s not a coincidence that you keep finding all of these dead people.”

“I’m going to ask you again, “ replied Jamie. “What. Does. That. Mean?”

“Each of the bodies you’ve found have had a significant role in my life, most hurting me in some way.”

Jamie wanted to say something but her mouth was dry and she couldn’t move.

“I created the app to corner them and get my revenge. This includes you.”



previous chapter: Lemming Scavengers – Part 2

photograph by Nick Scheerbart

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