The Perfectly Imperfect Life

Life story


Everyone wants perfection. Humanity thrives on the mere idea of reaching a stage of ‘perfection.’ The definition of perfection varies from person to person. Vast, like the universe. But at every stage of an individual’s life, there is an idealistic situation. At the tender age of 15, my life was the one that most people yearned for. A sophomore in high school, everyone liked me, I had no hatred toward anyone, I was doing great academically, I was very involved in co-curricular activities and most importantly I was happy and optimistic. Perseverance and determination played a key role in my life and I set out to pursue what I loved- human anatomy.

I was never bullied in school and never spurred drama. I frowned upon my peers who had truckloads of school drama in their life. Little did I know that karma hits you with no prior notice. The aunt who never comes for Thanksgiving dinners but decides to show up unexpectedly – KARMA.

Life spiraled out of control and in the start of my ambitious junior year, someone extremely close to me passed away. This took a toll on me. You never understand one’s worth until they are gone. I lost fervor for life, I didn’t bother about anyone or anything, I messed up my academics, I created a lot of problems and I reached a deep, dark phase of my life which I would never like to revisit or wish upon my worst enemies.

By the end of the year, I needed to rejuvenate and left my entire social and academic life at home and went to India for my summer break, where my grandparents live. I blocked out all the negative voices in my head and stayed away from the internet for two whole months. I came back home a happier, more relaxed person and even though I mended relationships, academically the damage had been done.

I had one last chance – senior year. I decided to make change, pursue my passion yet again and work toward my goals since I was confident that this was what my loved one in heaven would want me to do. I performed to my utmost potential, got back into my rigorous schedule and now I am happier than ever. I have reached the stage of life where I am ready to achieve great things and I had the ability to instill faith and ambition in me.

Life is going to be a road with plenty of potholes, but the journey and the destination one wants to reach is worth it. I have not experienced too many hardships yet, but as a young enthusiastic female I am ready to face the challenges put forth to me. Furthermore, what is the point of life if you don’t want to live it to its best? Everyone runs on ambition, so steer yourself to the path you want to pursue.


photograph by Himanshu Singh Gurjar

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