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In the Culture section of Image Curve you will find intriguing articles about eternal social issues, cross cultural rules, universal dilemmas, also places and events that shape culture and us.

belonging short story 0

Paris, MI

Short Story   I bought a record that was made in Paris. I place it in the player, put the needle on, and let it play. A soft piano begins, and the singer begins...

Reflection Poems 0

Man About Town

Reflection Poems   I’ve spent so much time reflecting on the lives of everyone else, it’s time to turn the mirror around and have a look at myself. I don’t really do – anything....

Stream of Consciousness Story, Indoors Photography 0

Walking Beside Her

Stream of Consciousness Story   The smell assaulted her senses like a river of floating, twirling turds. “What? Where is that stink coming from?” the woman in the leather sandals asked. For half a...

Life Poems, Crossroad 0

None So Blind

Life Poems   None so Blind… Love came in stillness, creating within itself countless heavenly spaces of spontaneous spore vapors and fertile, seeded grounds in tender and timeless hovering, completing cosmos of expanding brilliant,...


End of the Hyphen

Brother, it’s not like I want to marry it! I only like leftover 90’s correctness a little more than you. The reason I lug around this appendage is not to ruin your life with...