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a bird sitting on blade of grass 1

Morning Prayer

Haibun Robins, sparrows, and cardinal songs through an open window. Bacon sizzling from the kitchen. The flickering tongue of an indifferent Senhora da Fatima Candle in a drape-rustling breeze. Seated on the zafu, legs...

coffee kettle on the stove 1

Morning Whine

Haibun The coffee maker still gurgles after nearly an after hour. A steady electric hum drowns out the chorus of birdsongs, save one. Gray clouds swallow the sky. The rain triggers an ache across...

sunrise haibun 1

A Noteworthy Change

Haibun Songbirds chirp outside. They join the gurgling coffee maker. The sky brightens earlier and earlier. Barely past six, it’s almost blue. budding boughs so still on the table this empty bowl more by...