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Paris groups literary works that relate or take place in the city of love and amazing food. Most notably River of Rats, a brilliant serial short fiction.

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Poem   Say a little prayer for your neighbor. He does not know his wrong from the right. Say a little prayer for that racist. He distinguishes the black from the white. Say a...

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Paris, MI

Short Story   I bought a record that was made in Paris. I place it in the player, put the needle on, and let it play. A soft piano begins, and the singer begins...


Elephants Never Forget

Haibun A bronze elephant statuette rests on four coffee-table books. Its trunk curls up in a bellow to challenge rivals or predators. Another elephant: a plaster-of-Paris statuette from a mold. It rests on the...

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The Weight

Poem   Winds whisper through the pines The’r thorny boughs the fronds of ballet dancers Swaying to and fro upon the Palais Garnier étage Backlit by Chagall Floating out and in of moonlight Trunks...