Talk 22 – Dreams

short story about dreams and goals

Serial Fiction

That you have in common with gypsies.
Disdain for formal clothing.
I hear music approaching.
Ah yes, my brothers do that every night when they’ve had enough brandy. They come here and play, trying to cheer me up.
That’s good.
Yes, here they come.
Move over love, we will wheel him outside next to the forest. Burn some mint and sing away his troubles.
Hurry up, love. This is not the office where dreams go to die. Where days are ruled and measured into hours and minutes. Where songs are forbidden and laughter subdued!
Be careful, slow, don’t rock him about he needs his energy.
I am fine.
We are here to change him, love. Then he’s all yours again. You can stay as long as you like.
I’m not going anywhere.
He can sing, my brother.
Not to the office? Not to the pub, where dreams go to die after midnight. Where dreamers give up their wits for a glass of brandy and sound sleep. Clever emptiness tonight, cloudy thought tomorrow. This is where dreams go to die.
Stop singing about death!
No, love. We start from the bottom and climb up to life. But it’s not where dreams go to die, there is no such place. But who kills them even in the minty forest!
This is my brother. He thinks he can cure me with songs and brandy out in the open. It is nice to smell the forest.
Just say brother and we will carry you through it. We will run with you on our shoulders.
No I am exhausted already. Here is fine, sing. Who kills the dreams?
Dreamers of course. Lazy dreamers.
We are all dreamers.
But we are not all lazy! And our dream is for you to run in the minty forest once again, like you always have.
I think tomorrow I can try that. Today I will only breath the air.
Our second mother is coming.
Ah yes, my sister doesn’t like when they take me out.
But it’s good for you.
But I am away from all the medicine and oxygen that is in the tent.
She is right. Let’s get you back.
Not yet. She will have a brandy first.
You drunk rascals, he needs to rest!
I am resting. Give her a brandy before she turns red.
Yes, a brandy. How is your breathing?
I am fine. I think I will take a walk tomorrow.
No one will be happier than I will be if you do. And your lady love, too. She will be very happy. Are you hungry?
You haven’t eaten since yesterday.
I want some lemon juice.
Is your stomach burning?
A little.
Where’s that brandy, you dogs!
Here sister.
To your health brother!
I would like to go inside now.
Carry the bed, you dogs!
Love, you stay here with me and have a brandy then we will go inside.
I will have some brandy.
The doctor said he might not survive the night. You don’t have to stay for the funeral. It will be a lot of drinking and dancing.
I will stay. For once I can drink with him.
He is in pain but he is strong. He lived his life the way he wanted and has no regrets. That is why he is happy. And you are large slice of that happiness. Our entire family thanks you for being who you are.
But I just got here, I am sure he has more time.
We hope for the best, but we are ready for the worst. You should look forward to your happiness. He was telling me about a neighbor of yours that is a good prospect.
He appears to be but I don’t like what is on his bookshelf.
Never mind. I think I will get out of the city.
He also wanted me to tell you that the gold buried in your garden is real. He was not joking when he told you.
I didn’t believe him. Why would he say that?
He loved you and he wanted to leave you financially secure.
Where did he get the gold?
That is gypsy business. He worked hard when he came back, he only worked.
With his brothers?
But they are dealing in human trafficking. He said he would never get back into that.
Well, he took over and he made the trade more humane. He said if he doesn’t do it someone else will. At least he took the violence out of it. He only took on people who wanted to go.
I don’t believe it.
He is tucked in women.
I don’t believe that you dragged him into your dealing again.
Listen, love. He came on his own accord. I know life is all pink in the big city where the white folks rule. But we have to make due with what we are dealt.
I don’t believe it.
Believe it or not it is life. You don’t have to stay for the funeral.
I will stay.
Please do as you wish. I am going home to my wife and my kids. I will be back in the morning. If anything changes come and get me.


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photograph by Robson Morgan

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