Tears Filled by Fears

fears poem



What do you seek of me
As I look at you , tearing
What can I do for you
As I see you failing.

While you dwell in your sorrow
I see not the crack you try to fill,
Yet, I see the plenty, you seek to satisfy.
Given to you pleasures purified by others.

Rave in your choices of former glory, somehow
Bring not the soiled erosions of choice times
Look at this, What do you do with what fails?
Use time as your friend as futures contract.

The reins you once pulled disappeared,
Upon what you call your best years.
Now, you cry for a hand that stands ill
Five fingers strong, one hand short.

What can be done now In your tears
Seek the clarity, be anew, and stand above.
You have only one help left in you to face
You are that One, Be that Oneā€¦of no fear
Get in you and create a flawless puzzle.



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photograph by Chalffy Chan


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Thomas DeAngelo

This is a writer of modern poetry and an inspiring writer. Residing in the lower Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania where he enjoys reading, writing and is his spare time hiking. He has been writing since the 1980's with expectations of being published. The words that flow by ink are the defeats and enjoyments of the life lived in the years that accompanied the mind of a writer that measured his time recognizing the passions of surrounding people.

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