Validus (The Lyric of Apollo)

Validus (The Lyric of Apollo)
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Arise! All shall hail,
raining down the great mountains,
the Olympian gale,
pouring gold-plated bounty
from its bright crystal mouth,
and its noise and its glee
Down it sails
through the air yellow-orange,
and, settling,
dusts the ground with sunlight.
I open my hands
and bound, like a child,
to catch the mountain graces
falling down from the sky.

Crown of glistening beauty incarnate,
You and I together
form the draughts of truth.
Ah! The laurel-wreath blossoms
of lyrical youth,
watch them burst forth in droves
Apollonian power!
Watch them pour from their eyes
magnum rivers of gold –
the magnificent showers
of glories untold!

Rain down to bathe me
in courage and substance!
Then lift me to sail with
the Gods and the Poets!
With those beyond time,
whose measure and rhyme
bring greatness divine.


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Jennifer Peloso

Jennifer is a poet and writer, originally from Los Angeles, who now lives and works in the Bay Area as an Editorial Assistant at a small publishing company. She has a B.A. in English from UCLA and an M.A. in Literature from King’s College London. She is honored to be joining The Image Curve as a contributing poet, which will be her first foray into professional writing. Follow her on Twitter: Follow her travel blog:

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