When I Think of You

Happy Girl
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When I think of you, I see the stars
You touched my heart so much it sparkles.
Who am I, that I was given this light?
Starting this day with new intentions,
Until the “end of time”.

When I think of you, I sing.
Walking the streets watching everyone wondering
What happen to him making that bird talk?
Am I strange or just happy to hear the bird sing?

Thinking of you, hearing bells of the churches
No other touched my heart as you
Gentle yet Powerful, Soft, yet deliberate.

When I sing, I hum with you in mine
You told me delightful uplifting things that kick my steps.
There is none other than you to make me feel new
You took a look at your dream and found me…..

The pastor awaits us
No one but us and hopeful dreams
Hope understands what we don’t see
Never to keep in the dark

When I think of you, I see nothing in the way
Together … we are our own pride and joy

When I think of you, I think of how you gave me
What no other saw fit…. never again…

When I think of you, I sing skipping steps to your beat.
When I see you, I see me. Together, as one soul.


more by Thomas DeAngelo

Photograph by Quan Nguyen

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Thomas DeAngelo

This is a writer of modern poetry and an inspiring writer. Residing in the lower Appalachian mountains of Pennsylvania where he enjoys reading, writing and is his spare time hiking. He has been writing since the 1980's with expectations of being published. The words that flow by ink are the defeats and enjoyments of the life lived in the years that accompanied the mind of a writer that measured his time recognizing the passions of surrounding people.

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