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Image 1 – Ballarat, Victoria (Australia), Author: Ed Dunens

Why would anyone want to go anywhere in winter? No, really! How can people ever choose a winter holiday over a summer one? We’ll never understand (unless they’re going for both, now that’s awesome). You know what, let’s drop the bewilderment and get real for a second – if you’’re vacationing in Australia in winter, it’s almost like you’re doing a second round of your summer vacation! Plus, there are some other benefits, too and we’re ready to lay the groundwork.

The weather is simply beautiful

In Australia, the winter begins at the start of June and finishes at the end of August. Crazy, right?

Even though cooler weather is forecast all across the nation, you’ll rarely ever see snow anywhere in Australia (except, maybe, Victoria). Temperatures rarely drop below 24°C but be sure to always keep some extra layers with you as they tend to dramatically drop from time to time. Nevertheless, with the mild breeze and a temperature range that’s closer to spring and summer than it is to winter – you’ll have a feeling you are trapped in a summer time capsule. Amazing!


Image 2 – Winter sun, Kergunyah (Australia), Author: Rod Waddington

It’s cheaper

Your wallet is going to have fun in the Land Down Under, especially if you go during peak winter months. Since the cold season is generally considered the less touristy season (after all, everyone associates Australia with the sea, beaches and all the spectacular water sports practiced in summer time), almost everything can be a subject of bargain – from groceries to flights and hotel rooms. Speaking of hotels, Australia has a phenomenal range of offers; find your perfect boutique Randwick Hotel, and do it fast ‘cos these babies get booked quicker than you’d think!



Image 3 – Winter day, Sydney, NSW (Australia), Author: Thomas Depenbusch

It’s less crowded

Since not many people realize how fabulous Australia is in winter, they’re not visiting as much as they would during summer days … this means just one thing – freedom! With less people around, walking down the (half) empty beaches will make you feel like you own them! Ahhhhh…


Manly Beach

Image 4 – Manly Beach, Sydney (Australia), Author: Thomas Depenbusch

Everyone is celebrating

It’s cute how everything in Australia is upside down; while in most corners of the globe summer marks the beginning of festival season, in the Land Down Under the winter time begins and some of the best Aussie festivals are taking place. If you are a keen festival-goer, you must make VIVID Festival the top of your fest list. Unbelievable art exhibitions mark the beginning of June and the entire city, together with all of Sydney’s beautiful historical sites, gets illuminated. It’s spectacular.


Vivid, Opera House

Image 5 – Vivid, Opera House, Sydney (Australia), Author: Jason James

However, to all of you who would be visiting Australia to get immersed in the beauties of Aboriginal culture, Western Australia and the Mowanjum Festival is where you should go. The 200 phenomenal Aboriginal performers from the Worora, Ngarinyin and Wunambal people display everything you wanted to know about Dreamtime, and each time – the performance is mind blowing.

For those of you looking to skim a little bit of local flavor, head to Brisbane’s Regional Flavors festival; this is your way to get some perfect wining and dining the Aussie way.


The outback galore

Would you really have enough heart to visit Australia and not cast on an expedition around its fantastic outback? Didn’t think so.

In winter, the best thing to do is go on a road trip; head out into the outback by taking a legendary journey via Australia’s Red Centre Way. You’ll arrive straight at the most iconic spiritual landmark of the continent – Uluru (Ayer’s Rock). With the weather as perfect as it is in Australia at this moment in season, you’ll love taking in the length and breadth of Australia on the Savannah Way.


Image 6 – Uluru (Australia), Author: Andy Maguire

Australia is the land of adventure! All of you first-timers in backpacking should know that this coast-to-coast experience will take you from Queensland all the way to the Western Territory. Some of the country’s best natural treasures, like Kakadu and Purnululu National Parks, will be a real statement to your 3700 km journey, getting you to experience the Land Down Under in all its glory.


header photograph by Mike Wilson

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