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Poetry About Life 0

The Price of Life

Poem About Life They still pick his pieces off the pavement, Careen. Puzzle pieces pick such somber songs. Astonished explanations, all strewn insides, vacant Empty manhood. Cheating mothers leave only nothing. Here he flies...

Inspiring Poem 0

Coat My Skin in Ash

Inspiring Poem   Ashes rise and fall filling the sky with nothing but specs of black. The air choked with memories of the past, things that marked who we were now floating bits and...

poem about writing 0

Explosions In The Pen

Poem   Bring me salvation in the pen. In well wishes scribbled out On the back of leftover napkins. Watch the ink blot out Radiant explosions. The letters may never say What we hoped....

Poem About Winter 0

The Angst of Winter

Poem About Winter   The sky doesn’t bleed. That makes today special. Momma used to say the bad days only make the good ones brighter. If true then days like today should make the...

Nature Fiction Stories 0


Nature Fiction Stories   The hummingbird and tiger lily were two lovers in the night. Tiger lily, a grounded visage of beauty. She knew where her roots stood, from that history she drew her...

Short Poem 0

Peace in the Storm

Short Poem   The fascination of the warrior is the flirtation with the abyss. Death, Life, Peace, Honor, Love, and the everlasting. Every sword swing of the Samurai juxtaposed against the blooming of the...