Beauty in the Break Up

Sad Love Poems

Love Poem

What makes a man move on?
When his mind floods with images of her,
of them.
The way she would impersonate a dinosaur to force a smile
or how they transformed the floor into cascades of lava,
dancing across household objects to reach the safety of the couch.
Images of gold, of rings, sounds of bells that almost were.
Thoughts flood with airplanes
and other things that carry love away.
What makes a man move on?
The fact that those moments,
those beautiful moments equate only to memories.
Memories that constructed the man he has become,
memories that make the man someone more worthy of love.
The beauty of the moment becomes the means of moving on.
more moments shall come,
a more glorious man shall emerge
and love prevails evermore.



Photograph by Rodion Kutsaev


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