The Angst of Winter

Poem About Winter
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Poem About Winter


The sky doesn’t bleed.
That makes today special.
Momma used to say the bad days only make the good ones brighter.
If true then days like today
should make the bad ones feel like heaven.

Some days resemble a stab
to the base of the spine.
Twisting doubt and steel hardened hate
into your essence.
Other days feel like your soul somehow shed you
leaving behind a transparent shell of skin.
Do I slither, do I simply sit in wait
never moving, waiting for my own extinction?

Then some days feel like the first of spring,
dead leaves lay strewn across large frigid fields
but the aroma of new life invigorates the air.
In those days you can remember to walk.
Shade covering your eyes
knowing the sun always rises, and even the dark
isn’t so bad as it seems.



photograph by Pawel Kadysz


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