Aphrodite’s Toes

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a poem of devotion to love & beauty

I kissed the toes of Aphrodite,
her sweet scent of rose
filling my nostrils as my lips
touch her soft skin.
I bow down in surrendered devotion,
that this Goddess
may open my heart
to the love I seek.

My soul,
like the hummingbird’s beak
seeks out the sweet nectar
that she has to offer.
Of love.
Of beauty.
The sensual allure of
the sacred courtesan.
That I may dance like this Goddess
of many names and many lovers.

It’s essential that this prayer
be carefully offered,
knowing all too well that
what I ask of the Goddess
may not work out,
as I intend but rather,
to the whim and fancies of Her
playful desires.

Her sea-foam spray tickles my face
as I look up into her eyes.
And, in this moment of oneness with Divine,
my head spins,
out of control,
through vast ranges of thoughts & feelings.
My  heart explodes
into the infinite depths of
wild, passionate love.
The impulses that live beyond
my choiceful intent.

Where am I
in the swirls of Her deep eyes?
Immense oceans of love
that I want to embody and live
even though that vast compassion
might just explode me
into a million pieces
I may no longer recognize
as myself.

Oceans of play on the surface,
deep dark wisdom below.
Oh, Goddess.
She who spans the ages,
I pray to you.
I bow down to you.
I feel your touch on my skin
and in my heart,
cracking me open just a bit wider,
making room for more
and more
and more
and more.

from that immensity,
I am returning home.
I’ve returned and,
this was just a moment.
A glimpse of time.

As I slowly stand up in this silence,
turn from the Goddess
and take the first step away,
I notice:
The world is a beautiful place,
the scent of her roses
floats in the air and
She is with me.


more by MISSY

Photograph by Margaret Barley

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