Author: Amadeus Linskill

Short Fiction 0

Summertime Killer

Short Fiction   Tight leather gloves gripped the wheel as the sound of the engines fired up. A deep roar reverberated through the vehicle, sending shivers down Harvey’s spine. The 1970 Chevy Nova sped...

Serial Crime Story Online 0

Summertime Killer – Part Three

Serial Fiction The train sped through the orange desert, billowing dust in its wake. Sunlight gleamed off the metal exterior and the shimmering heat of the American expanse surrounded it. Sat inside one of...

Serialized Storytelling 0

Blessed Light Of Day – Part One

Serialized Storytelling   I looked down the narrow shaft and already dreaded the journey ahead. A gentle wind whistled through the holes and passages below, and the moonlight only penetrated through a few surface-level...