Author: Lucas Howard


Men in Ties

I know not why but I despise men with tightly knotted ties. and men who always tie their ties far too loose and far too wide. Men who walk around in socks, men who...


Zedlist – Part Twenty Three

Despite Amy’s concerted efforts to contain everyone, some managed to slip through the net at first. Amy found one woman in the bathroom, transfixed on her own reflection as she pulled faces at herself...

Kiss 0

A Complicated Thing

In a constant state of flux, another ostentatious fling. I’ve been contemplating love but it’s a complicated thing. We tightly hold each other, so brazenly we’re furled as we lie beneath the covers both...

Radio 0

Zedlist – Part Twenty Two

There was a knock and Harrison immediately started barking at the door. Amy walked through to the hall from the dining room and closed the adjoining door behind her. “Package for Amy Reed” The...

Rose 0

The Language of Love

Love is not afraid of cliche, for when it speaks all words expressed before are rendered mute.   more by LUCAS HOWARD Photograph by Denist Soh

In The Bus 0

Catching Up

I feel the ache in my hip while running for the bus. At this time of the day it’s full of pensioners. As I sprint with hopeful but ever fading youth, I am quite...

Morning 0

Zedlist – Part Twenty

“I think we need to talk, Charles.” Valerie said, getting up from her seat by the window, she gave her husband a look that Kevin couldn’t quite decipher. Kevin was left sitting on the...