Be Wary of Wishes – Part Five

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Entry 5 (Continued)

And when he entered his room I was lying on his bed without anything but my underwear on. I knew that it was risky exposing that I had entered his place without him knowing, so this was the only card that I could play to offset what I had anticipated would be anger that he would have, especially after that phone call. And while I could see that Nolan was upset, seeing me undressed and willing made him want to direct his anger in a different way. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I could see that I would wake up feeling as though I had gone through a rough night. Nolan grabbed me and pulled me close to him. I could feel intense heat getting hotter and hotter each second. Suddenly he pushed me against his bed and spread my legs apart. Starting with my legs he begin to gently caress them with his tongue, and then he started to get a bit rough and begin to bite my skin. I hadn’t seen this side of Nolan and while I was a little nervous I put myself completely in his hands. Submitting to him with all of his rage gave me a feeling that I had never experienced, one that I wanted more and more of. As he worked his way up my thighs with his tongue I couldn’t help but to moan and grab the sheets as if holding every moment of this pleasurable pain. I could feel that I was ready for him but instead he pulled me up and told me to get down on the floor and on my knees. I did as he told me and waited for him to further direct me. I could really see that he was turned on and I was willing to do whatever he desired. Nolan knew that he was in control so when he put his cock inside of my mouth I gladly accepted. We spent most of last night having rough sex and he never once mentioned me sneaking into his apartment. It was as if last night was his way of punishing me. It was also his way of avoiding what he must have known I discovered by seeing his bedroom.


Entry 6

It’s been nearly a week since I’ve last seen Nolan and I’m hoping that he didn’t reveal a side of himself that he wasn’t prepared to share with me. Or perhaps he felt ashamed for what I saw regarding his obsession with the recent murders. I feel guilty for leading him into the events of that night, but it was the only thing I could think of to avoid the side of him that I feared seeing.


Entry 7

Today I received a text from Nolan but this time instead of asking to come over to my place or offering his place, he said we needed to meet in Central Park. He claimed that he needed to set things right and would explain things to me later. He said he would send me the exact location later on in the day, and that we would be meeting sometime this evening. I have to say, I am not feeling too comfortable about meeting up with him at night and in Central Park. I especially feel a bit strange considering the recent murder of a couple, which took place a few days before the homeless murders started to take place. But I will admit that I am curious about what Nolan wants to share with me and I do miss him. Besides with regards to the murdered couple, it was determined that the girlfriend had murdered her boyfriend and then killed herself. So it’s not like there’s some murderer running loose in the city. And with all of the surveillance and cop presence throughout the city, I am sure things will be fine. So it’s decided, I’m going to take the chance and go. What’s the worst that could happen?


When Erica arrived at the entrance to the agreed-upon location in Central Park she was greeted by Nolan. At first glance nothing seemed off about him. He appeared no different than he was on those evenings that they had met at her or his apartment. Yet Erica was still a bit uneasy about why Nolan had asked her to a recent crime scene once again. However, although it was during the evening, the sun was still out, and this somewhat helped to sooth her concerns. And while she didn’t want to show just how uncomfortable she was, she couldn’t help but to finally ask Nolan why he had asked her to come to that particular area of the park. So upon Erica asking, he asked if she would close her eyes. And since nothing about Nolan seemed odd that evening, and since she started to feel closer to him, she decided to trust him and do as he asked of her. After a few moments Nolan reappeared by her side with a picnic basket and blanket. While part of Erica was excited about this romantic expression of affection, she still couldn’t shake her thoughts of how creepy Nolan’s fascination with the recent murders had been. She especially couldn’t understand why he would think that she would find it romantic to plan a picnic so close to where another couple had lost their lives. These thoughts occupied her mind for the entire picnic but became more intense as the sun began to set.

As it became later into the evening, Erica told Nolan that they should perhaps head back before it got dark out. However, it was at this suggestion that Erica noticed a shift in Nolan’s mood. He went from being relaxed to suddenly being angered by the mere thought of leaving. At first Erica figured that Nolan was upset with her because perhaps he felt she didn’t fully appreciate what he had done. Though she couldn’t help but to feel that it was something more by the darkness that came over his face. In a stern voice Nolan had made it clear that the events of the evening were not over just yet.


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Photograph by Israel Sundseth

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