Be Wary of Wishes – Part Six (Final)

Dark Park
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At this point the sun had set and Nolan could see that Erica was no longer pleased with being out. Yet Nolan didn’t seem to care about Erica’s comfort level. He instead seemed focused on something else. Finally Erica had had enough and didn’t seem to care whether or not she would upset Nolan. His feelings getting hurt seemed irrelevant. And with her uneasiness growing she told Nolan that she was ready to leave. However, even though he packed up their picnic he somehow persuaded her to stay just a bit longer so they could take another look at the recent crime scene. While Erica protested a bit, she ultimately walked to the fountain where just a little over a week ago things had tragically ended for a couple. And although she had agreed to be there it was clear that she had overstayed her time in the park. Finally she asked Nolan why this was so important to him and once again he started to bring up the murders that were committed by the homeless. He once again started to express how it was his fault. He continued to share that he should have never listened to her. At this point Erica felt completely fearful of what Nolan was saying and of what he might do. Yet she also started to feel sorry for him because he started to cry. It was as if he was breaking down about murders that she couldn’t see how he possibly could have been involved in. And despite how inappropriate his feelings seemed to her, she couldn’t help but to notice how sincere he appeared to be. And as much as she wanted to ask him how she was also to blame for the murders, her fear made her want to pretend that he hadn’t actually implicated her.

At one point Nolan fell to his knees and begged for forgiveness. And finally Erica asked him, “What the hell are you asking forgiveness for?“ At that point Nolan shouted out that he should have never listened to her when she suggested that they take the coins out of the fountain. Still Erica stood in bewilderment as to how any of this made sense. Nolan continued to yell at her, stating that she should have never convinced him to take those coins. He kept shouting that they stole wishes that people had made. And he went on to say that not all wishes are good-natured. He seemed to be convinced that the wishes were either already bad or that the blood spilled into the fountain from that couple must have cursed the coins and thereby the wishes made. And while Erica somewhat believed in the supernatural, this seemed to be too far-fetched for her to believe. But Nolan continued to remind her that after they had left the park with the coins that they had given a few to homeless men and women.

It had finally dawned on Erica where she had recognized the accused murderers from: the faces that he had circled in red from the news clippings, those had been the same homeless people that they had come across the night they took the coins from the fountain. But still she was not fully willing to believe that she and Nolan were at fault for the murders committed by those few homeless men and women they had offered spare change to that night. Although she couldn’t help but to start to feel that it was perhaps possible, she wouldn’t dare let Nolan know that she had started to buy into his belief. She in fact was terrified of having him believe that she could be the reason, or that she had gotten him to join in on something that caused other people’s deaths, or their lives to be forever altered. Considering where they were and how vulnerable she felt, Erica just wanted to find a way to help shift the blame from both of them. So Erica consoled Nolan the best she could and tried telling him that there wasn’t any way that they could really be responsible for those murders. She did her best to convince him that it was all just a strange coincidence. Yet Nolan wouldn’t listen, he insisted that if they hadn’t removed the coins from the fountain that innocent people wouldn’t have committed those murders.

When Nolan stopped sobbing, he looked directly at Erica and said that he needed to set things straight. As Erica started to ask how, Nolan pulled out a handgun and pointed the gun directly in the center of her forehead. In disbelief Erica stood paralyzed with thoughts of her end. And while she had wanted to plead for her life, she couldn’t muster up any words that she felt could stand in between life and death. So Erica stood in silence until Nolan told her to get into the fountain and on her knees. Once on her knees Nolan unzipped his pants and took out his penis. Although Erica couldn’t believe that he would do any of this, part of her wondered if this was just some erotic game that he wanted her to take part in. After all Nolan had been quite rough the night she snuck into his apartment. So despite her worries about what would happen next, she began to gently caress his penis and increasingly got into every moment of pleasuring him. She could hear Nolan telling her to take it deeper and deeper. She could also hear him scream out in pleasure. Suddenly she could feel his penis getting ready to climax and as he did he pulled Erica closer to him and shot her straight through her forehead.

Moments later a group of youngsters came upon the scene and begin to scream out. But Nolan didn’t speak; he just stood there, as Erica lay there dead. Nolan eventually turned the gun to himself, but before he could follow through he was stopped by a police officer that had been patrolling the park.


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Photograph by Drew Patrick

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