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Light thinned the
world and ebbed with his breath
as he wept:

Why do you forsake me?
I loved you
more than my own.
I would take your death
than choose your suffering,
but you wanted
of me
so much.

Now all is lost,
my brothers
and I am with stones
in the field.
They will
revile me.
And when they speak
they will say of me
not your brother, who would stand
your side
in slaughter, but curse me
the snake in
whom the demon breathed.
They will cast me to their inferno,
and my children will not know
their own.

What of your luminous cloud?
What of the race of the pure?
I see the temple of twelve priests;
it towers above the ages.
Its holy men invoke
your name
for wickedness many as sand;
their altar filled with butchery
for they know not
who you are.

Then the teacher spoke:
My dearest friend,
be at peace now for
I am with
you forever.
Our work is done,
and they will know themselves
children of stars.


more by JUN HUA EA

photograph by JUN HUA EA


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