Breathe Freely

existential poetry green fields with mountain and white clouds



What if I say I am dead before I got to be alive?
What if god welcomes you and asks, “How was heaven down there?”
Waking up at dawn and listening to the trees hustling,
Or sleeping at three when all the birds have started chirping,
What if every moment is really as precious as it seems?

Time is a concept for human beings,
the other animals live in a vacant bliss.
Time is a cycle which keeps repeating
The intensity of our actions and repercussions is what we miss.

The universe is a very large being
and our thoughts echo the dreams we dream.
Worrying is futile. It only exceeds our humble deeds.
What if I say, you will die before you can breathe freely?



photograph by Jeramy Cai


The Writers Manifesto


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