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The timeless genre of Literary Fiction is still being produced avidly by contemporary writers. Their work you can find here.

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An Immortal’s Suicide

Short Story   He watched, agitated, as they died around him. Family after family, loved one after loved one, it didn’t matter. They would grow old, get sick. Always the same. Always by himself at...

Short Family Stories, Butterfly 2

Butterfly Words

Short Family Stories Gretchen’s eyebrows knitted together as she pushed against the wheels of her chair. Things that used to be easy weren’t so easy anymore. As she approached her dressing table a face...

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My Mother’s Body

Family Fiction   I came from my mother’s body. Not quickly, not easily, but violently. I punched the air and tore holes in the room with my vengeful war cry and trembling limbs. Covered...

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We’ll Fly Away

Short Story   Salma stared at the clouds all day. The quiet stilled her mind to let her dream dreams of flight. Salma would find a way into the library after closing and spend...