A Different View

With hawk-eye precision,
I view from above
within and without myself.
When removed and looking down
at this crazy, sublime thing called life,
What do I know?
What do I really, really know?

I know that somewhere inside,
all the answers can be found.
My heart already knows
that which I am seeking to crack open
and discover.

When spirit flies through me,
she expresses herself in the joyful dance of
voluptuous laughter.
“Lighten up”, she says.

And in her sarcastic tone, I know there;
there is the place of healing.

From a tiny speck, the dance of self begins.
A teeny tiny bit, flickering in the depths,
screaming to come out,
to be on the outside.

“Lighten up”, she says.
Let sassy, sexy, playful, girl, woman, priestess spirit
come without.
Let her do her dance, speak her truth.

And, as that speck grows bigger and bigger……

Movement emerges from the stillness.
Dancing through the veils, peeking,
slipping through each layer
as the dance becomes wild.
Wild with passion,
flamboyant in expression.

In that moment of complete abandon,
fullness has arrived
with congruence between inside and out.

And…. stillness.
I am me and now, you know it.


more by MISSY

Photograph by Devan Freeman


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