Do You Know Me

Nameless, faceless person
You’re a mystery that’s taboo
Will tonight be the night,
My fantasy comes true

Feeling your presence hovering
Haunting within my dreams
Arousing my every thought
My desire craves for thee
Loving you through distance
In between space and time
Here’s a reason to daydream
Bringing you back to life
Though it’s hard to believe
My thoughts are intrigued
Your essence is known
Though you’re yet a dream
You’re my life, my sunshine
My twin-soul is you
In these simple words I ask:
Do you know me too?
In the bewitching hours
As the moon beams high
Staring at the twilight horizon
Gazing at twinkling diamonds in the sky
Rose petals are the softest, as I yearn for you

We’ve shared so much laughter
I pray there’s a real you
Your touch reveals your tenderness
let the heavens hear my plea
How could two people find each other
Is this our destiny?
At the time where shadows call
Awaken by the sense of such
What good is this fantasy world
When the one thing I want so much
Isn’t mine to be…
But I can’t help but ask;
Do you know about me?

Closing my eyes,  you stand near
I hear you whispering within my ear
Lying beside me I feel you breathe
I can’t believe this is only a dream
You’re all I am and what I’ll need
Where are you tonight, curious of me?
Endlessly waiting…
Wanting my face to see?
Sleepless nights wasted…
Awake, yet still in a dream.
My mind can’t help to ask;
Do you know about me?
You’re in this great big city
Never have I seen your face
“O” what a pity
I’m here wasting away
For the hours pass like centuries
Time fades and dwindles by

Though dreaming of you my heart’s complete
Can hardly wait to drift asleep
Hoping there’s a real you somewhere out there
All I see is a silhouette, with no face that appears
Though I know your heart, I can’t fight back tears
Manifest into my life, so we become real
But for now you’re a mystery in my mind
A thought that’s taboo
Let’s bring this to a finish
Do you know me too?


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