The Present Past

Life Poetry

Life Poetry


The baguette shaped scar on my finger
reminds me of a time when I still believed in magic
When I thought I was the
reincarnation of a pharaoh’s wife
When I used to search for hieroglyphics
in my new pink skin
A time when I slunk through the halls
of that ancient school
As if  they were some long forgotten tomb
I combed the secret passageways for treasure
For stories of the dead
that I would never ever tell
A time when I fell into love like
a bird with an arrow through its wing
Like one of Chopin’s sweet ballads,
I let it wound me, seduce me
send me spiraling and
make me so much older
A time when daydreaming was
a subject I taught myself in every class
When I made time stand still as Mrs. Cawley
taught geography and escaped
to explore the frozen town
When history flared up around me and
painted over reality with such
lush and exceptional color
A time when love
was the answer to every question


Photograph by Andrei Porfireanu

Noelle Currie

I have been writing short fiction and poetry for ten years. I recently completed the second of two novels that are currently unpublished. I was the winner of The Book Doctor’s Pitchapalooza in 2013 and recipient of the Gold Medal in poetry in the Tunxis Academic and Art Challenge in 2009. I submit poetry and short fiction pieces to the creative writing website weekly. I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2013 with a degree in vocal performance. My second love is singing opera.

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