Mandy Knows – Part One

Mandy knew
And she always did her best.

The best that she could do.

Thoughtful at school
Kind on the playground
Sat in the circle
Sat on the ground.

She sat crossed-legged
Without a sound.

She shared her toys
Respected her teachers
She picked up the trash
Fed the class creatures.

Mandy knew
To let others have a turn
And wait at the fence
To play four-square
Or freeze-dance
Because fairness

Was her biggest

And Mandy knew
To make her bed
To pick up her markers
To pet her cat’s head.

To be generous
To listen
To make hearts glisten
To care and share
And always be prepared.

She knew to be dutiful
To patch holes with thread
To make her mama smile
And good words said.

She liked them happy
She wanted them proud
She liked them liking her
And hearing those words
Out loud.

But sometimes
It all went wrong.

She woke up early
And the bus was gone
She washed the dishes
And two hundred have spawned
She made a castle
And only scribbles were drawn.

Her teacher said,
“Mandy, why are you late?
Don’t you know
To come before eight?”

Her mama said,
“Mandy, why aren’t these clean?
Don’t you know
This is a horrible scene?”

Her brother said,
“Mandy, why did you scribble?
Don’t you know
I want a castle, not drivel?”

But little did they know what
Mandy knew.

Quietly she washed
Determinedly she drew
Early she rose
Pushing herself through.

Hours of hard work
Dedication and time
Little did they know
How much she tried.


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