Mosaics (circa 2011)

Boats will be Boats
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In that hazy place beneath closed eyes
and above dreams,
I am sometimes back in the Met
on that crisp December day.
I’m wandering between the columns,
Seeing my face in the
black and white tiles,
imagining the boat
that would take me to the afterlife.
And I am looking for you
around the statues and
through the glass cases.
I’m not sure what you think of me
in this slice of time we’re in,
but I know we’re bound here,
looking at each other.
We are surrounded by history,
but awed only by our love-
this strange, changing thing
in a city we don’t belong in yet.



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Noelle Currie

I have been writing short fiction and poetry for ten years. I recently completed the second of two novels that are currently unpublished. I was the winner of The Book Doctor’s Pitchapalooza in 2013 and recipient of the Gold Medal in poetry in the Tunxis Academic and Art Challenge in 2009. I submit poetry and short fiction pieces to the creative writing website weekly. I graduated from the University of Connecticut in 2013 with a degree in vocal performance. My second love is singing opera.

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