I Must Not Seek You

Sun Flower
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To find you
You, as I, are Divine
And God is Merciful
I do not suffer

I have walked along tempests
And felt the beauty of such power
But I have not known you!

Angels speak to me, and whisper your name.
You are nowhere to be found
But God is Merciful
And I do not suffer

When I am not looking, I sense you near
And you do smile upon me
I can linger in that pause
of sublime spaciousness
God is Merciful

Have you ever fallen from a tree?
A tree so tall and high, it almost reaches the sky…
And in the beauty of the heavens you fall
Without any fear, any fear at all
Because you know
That God is Merciful

I cannot fall, I do not seek, yet I find myself
when I am looking into your eyes
No, I don’t know who you are,
or why Angels would whisper your name
And I do not know myself
Or where I am

But I do know that God is Merciful
And you are absolutely Divine
Angels tell me to sing Your Name

Can you hear me?  If not, do not worry
God is Merciful, and you will not suffer long

Although, I am gone…


Photograph by Sean McGrath

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Julie Maya Panda

Julie Maya Panda is a Mystic Poet & Spiritual Hynotherapist living in San Francisco, CA.

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