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The Power of Goodbyes

Poem It strikes, painfully and almost fire-like when you know it is time to wave at the old days. Why though, you’ve asked? Imagine being the white dandelion its arms holding to the neck...

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Summer Virus

Haibun The bloated feeling began when we drove home from the library. The cramping began later, when we came to bed. Rolaids offered no relief. The cramping soon became stabbing pains, waking me up....

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Awakening Joy

Haibun As I pour out pills to sort into daily containers. As his fingers dig into my armpit, and my laughter ensues. As I get ready for bed with a stuffy head. The raw...

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Diamond Gaze

Diamond piercing gaze Lashes sharp like barbed wire fences Guarding wary soul more by A. M. LAINE Photograph by Rolands Lakis

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Talk 20 – Cold Love

Serial Fiction If I am fine it is because you were my editor. No, love was your editor. I could have done a better job at making you happy. You were perfect. Says my...

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An Unimportant Failure

Nothing worth remembering. That fifth period class—where Moesha braided Katherine’s hair, Neina screamed; and Chastery, Jowayne and Zaire did no work—fades to insignificance. No homes called, no repercussions planned—only the slightest sense that my...