poem about trust



Someone that listens
But does not speak.
Pulls you through
When you feel weak.
Lets the weight off
Your back.
Helps you, supports you
Comments that lift
And crack
The worries.
Feelings that shift.
Honestly caring.
Guidance, reassurance,
A breath of fresh air.
Stop the tears and fears.
I have someone
To depend on,
The fuel to move on.
Someone is there.
A life I can share and bare
No need to despair
Because I know someone who
Words truly mean
What they mean.
They are what they seem.
Promise sealed with loyalty.
It is more than secrets,
More than whispers,
It’s freedom without any measures.
I am an open book
Only for an open mind.
Sometimes it may be hard to find
But somehow I’m being read
Stretching my spine
To someone who’s there
All the time.


photograph by Nathan Fertig


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