In a Castle Full of Dreams

Poems About Life Choices


In a castle full of dreams I linger,
long forgotten the light of reality,
a reality that’s full of stupid duality,
and how stupid am I to take brutality

as a long-forgotten trait of humanity,
where people kill people peacefully,
in the name of Gods, nations, words,
and follow laws of hatred faithfully,
we are just humans, stop blaming us,
and as humans we destroy carefully.

See, the promised land!
Let me give you a hand,
a helping and caressing hand,
let me call you brother, friend,
let me love you like a mother,
and together we will discover,
the pleasure of the godly feast,
but, first, let me kill you like a beast

to be sure for one thing at least:
in a castle of dreams I still linger…



photograph by Travel Coffee Book


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