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poetry about life

Poetry About Life


This, the summer of blackened souls
And upturned collars,
This will be the first summer of my lasts.

Arriving at this precipice,
I must hesitate
And catch myself between the future and my past.

The July sun strong on my back
And the blooming flowers,
They remind me that I will fade too fast.

I question life, and love,
I question myself,
Questions I have too rarely asked.

I curse the design,
And the designer
Who assigned to me this futile task.

To find some happiness,
And hold on to it briefly
Knowing it will never last.

The sun will set
The flowers will wilt,
And fall gently into the grass

And I will forget all the beauty,
For I’ve forgotten plenty
From my past.


more by T. MAPLEY

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Image Curve’s Manifesto


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  1. Anna Elise says:

    True words….

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