Let This Love Be Unbroken

Poetry Free Verse, Confident Woman
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Poetry Free Verse


When you first look upon me, love with your eyes,
for I am lovely and more than fair, at any age.
I am a delicious apple, a succulent pear, a sweet
and juicy grape.
Want me with your eyes like the victor’s goal.
Achieve me with a glowing smile.
Let me know that I am all there is and that
I fill the rooms of your chambered heart.
Don’t allow me to dwell in the dark dank,
wells of doubt and unbelief.
That’s not my place. I am air. I am light.
I am God’s love manifested in the sweetest,
darkest cherry.
He’s all there, in my skin.
So,take me in whenever your eyes behold me.
Stretch out your mind to seek me.
I wait for a true friend.
Adonai has sided me, between your head
and your hips, so use both when we embrace.
Send me your blessings on God’s hotline of
hope and praise.
He made me worthy of this accolade.
Lean your being towards me only.
I am yours and you are mine.
Behold what manner of love The Spirit has
given into your hands, Beloved.
Let your touch please me with its gentle,
kind intent, not with brute lust when
realized wants no more.
Drink me like cool,fresh waters on parched
and dry lands.
Find renewal in my tongue.
Marry me within holy bounds
and speak your joy for
I am your Very Good Thing!
And want no more,for Quanna is a jealous God
Who gives us what is pure, what is pleasing
and what is without blemish.
Become, as we become one.
Admit a fault, if you find one
for He alone is perfection.
He has made our union, new and undefiled.
Forgetting, forsaking, and forgiving all,
Hold to me, I am your hearts’ healing
So, let this love be unbroken,
Bye and bye, Lord, bye and bye.



Photograph by Jiunn Kang Too


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Debra Bishop

Read, don't read, understand, don't understand Fill your mind, or still your mind, It's you who decides. As for me, I' m in the flow. I am a writer. What else is there to say?

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