Wind of Change

On The Misty Pier
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The first real day
Of my life was when
I banged the front door
When I made a decision
The real decision for myself

Until then all decisions for me
Are made by other people
I shall always remember the bang
For I threw myself upon the wind of change
To let them bear me where they liked
To recognized that I am a human being
With characteristics of my own
Running away from being nobody
To where I will be somebody
I’m not going to pretend that I was happy
Until I’m sure I bang the front door
There were times when I felt like banging
The front door but the courage I have not
But it was my virtue that led me to bang
For I’m as right as rain
I owned a goodbye to the place where I had found comfort
A kiss to the place where I had banged the front door
I realized that all I had to make it was inside me
I wonder whether I had thanked
God enough for the luck that had been mine
For I was ordained in my mother’s womb
The day I was born angels sang hosanna to the good Lord
27th March, the day great men were born which I am one
For I am wonderfully made and blessed with looks
Though I’m another nobody but surrounded by
The gesture and possessions of somebody
Who sent me to school up to university?
For I am a representative of so much
For I was left to my own angels and devils in school
My own angels make sure I am a graduate with distinctions
While I was cut deep in a game of devils patience
To cry whenever a red Queen was turned up
That went to a black King
So preventing my mind from being on anything of their own
For the shut the front door in my face the first day in school (primary School)
Second day I learned to dread the front door (High School)
Third day I desire the outdoor and all that meant of social distinction (College)
I found that I had been leaning on support not too reliable
For in all circumstances I was stronger
God was there when strength was what I needed
They knew that all this was show, behind, it was reality
The reality was so pretty than the show
I had plenty of instruction
That led me to bang the front door
It was cleared that, an outdoor life
A life in which I made my own decisions suited me best
I made mistakes and learned from them
I did the right thing and profited
What I had wanted I had got by mine own
Coupled with better luck that comes to most people
For I am a voice, counsel to important decisions
For God was with me at beginning and God is continuing
For this purpose I bang the front door
For the wind of change to take me to where I belong.


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