Splendor and Filth

Splendor and Filth

My mind is reckless…
writhing and thrashing and burning
in a sandstorm of red hot madness –
in a wasteland of brimstone dreams…

a snake that thrashes wildly…desperately…achingly
against the wrought-iron pillars of man,
and ties itself in knots,
lusting…burning…dying to break

this madness and torment –
which, to me, is such splendor and filth
as ever I shall feel
when I am with you.

The Scream
burns and breaks me
batters me endlessly
against the rocks deranged.

Shatter me to stillness,
for I am captive.
Ravage and rage
and bend me forward,
for no sleep will I gain
‘till you devour me whole…



Photograph by Mark Sebastian


Jennifer Peloso

Jennifer is a poet and writer, originally from Los Angeles, who now lives and works in the Bay Area as an Editorial Assistant at a small publishing company. She has a B.A. in English from UCLA and an M.A. in Literature from King’s College London. She is honored to be joining The Image Curve as a contributing poet, which will be her first foray into professional writing. Follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JenniferPeloso Follow her travel blog: http://socalnorcal.wordpress.com/

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