Stay Young

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Who was I when I was you?
Hiding your hands in your sleeves
Tucking your head in your hoodie
Shielding your mouth bashfully
Giggling and eating a chocolate chip cookie
Long hair, long limbed
Lanky lean, talking fast about little things
Chapstick and chewing gum
Hair ties and scented lotion
Sharpies, highlighters, and markers
Everything has a little bit of color
Converse and sweatshirt for every type of weather
The only difference is you’re pushing a stroller
Yet you don’t look any older
Dimples on chipmunk cheeks
You reach to give her a bottle
While listening to grungy innocence
Completely oblivious and invincible
Trying to stand out while being invisible
Dipping fries in your vanilla milkshake
Shoulders rolling forward
Slouching in your chair
Knees pressing into the front seat
Like you don’t have a care
She starts to cry
You don’t know why
You rock and coo
Pretending you know what to do
Trying to dodge the staring eyes
Self-conscious in their vicinity
Grownups whispering as they pass by
Who was I when I was you?
A girl who was trying to stay young just like you.

more by ANNA ELISE

photograph by Alex Blajan

Image Curve’s Manifesto

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