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On the Food page appear articles on culture and travel, and fictional narratives that deal in depth with all things edible and the world of food.

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A Troll’s Life

Short Story   Roger sat on a stone near his bridge looking intently at the lackadaisical water. Inside were some trout, fat ones swimming upstream with modest determination. Roger was large and it took...

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To Eat

Poem I would rather starve on the streets of Florence Naples or Rome than eat well here at home They say one cannot survive on culture art or architecture alone but here in this...

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Finishing Their Cupcakes

Haibun Mira and Frankie finish making the cupcakes. She raises her voice over his removal of something. Then she shows him the final touches: applying cream. ground dark-chocolate and peppermint. chocolate chips. She pours...


Stay Young

Poem Who was I when I was you? Hiding your hands in your sleeves Tucking your head in your hoodie Shielding your mouth bashfully Giggling and eating a chocolate chip cookie Long hair, long...