How Sternly Instilled

Alone Lonely Loneliness
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To be alone is to have failed somehow.
The cold line they look to leave.
Those quiet nights with too much shadow;
Broad stretches of cloud-troubled sky and
Thoughts passing through your head like
Flocking of black birds.

Company enhances all things.
A problem shared is a problem halved.
So carve up your concerns and
Feed them to crowd.

I would rather let them go wanting.
Give me quiet and space, my troubles will wear themselves out.

We’re terrified,
To catch a glimpse of ourselves.
Feel the exact weight and width of us
Sound itself out in the silence.

I welcome it warmly;
Sitting in the too-quiet shade,
The atmosphere stretched out above like

A broad palm pressing down.


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  1. Jun says:

    Nicely done, Thomas. Congratulations!

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