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Sci Fi Series 0

Jopp’s Folly – Part Four

Sci Fi Series “Welcome home, Sweets,” quipped Jopp as the glowing mass of Pa Nui appeared ahead of them. A thousand multicolored towers huddled together atop a chrome hemisphere floating in open space. Loi...

Sci-Fi Serial Fiction 0

Jopp’s Folly – Part Six

Sci-Fi Serial Fiction “What do you say, Sweets? Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than that?” Jopp and Loi were gazing up at an Infinity Class UberHauler spacecraft. It was as tall as...

Sci-Fi Serial Fiction 0

Jopp’s Folly – Part Five

Sci-Fi Serial Fiction Pa Nui has no atmosphere, as it’s essentially a colossal floating space station, so the buildings are connected to each other by a honeycomb of enclosed walkways and tramlines. In an...