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unfairness poem



The sins of our parents
Are like past lives,
Because finding opportunities
Come from bees from the same hives.

Someone born to welfare
Is never given a chance,
Even when they’re smarter
Than those with better circumstance.

Children look to the moon,
Thinking that it’s their limit,
Before their dreams are decided
By a paper and a digit.

With age comes experience,
And with experience comes love lost.
But the sweetest love
Comes with tears and a cost.

Blindness inspires hope.
In hope we gain heart.
Losing that hope,
We create art

It’s a broken world
When a parent’s dream
Is to not have a child who’s an artist,
But one who swims downstream.

We’re told we can’t get a job,
School’s a necessity
But our job pays for one thing
When school’s priced like a luxury.

And if we all come from stars
Then how can it be,
The accomplishments you live
Are chances I’ll never see?



photograph by Danny Howe


Image Curve’s Manifesto


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