Strong vibrations are flowing through the air. Do not despair, for soon we will arrive to the destination with time to spare. That icy, cold glare will melt into the purest expression of total fanfare. Breathe deep and exhale, expelling the excess incessantly invading the innards of your mind, robbing you of your sleep. Open your eyes and connect to the soul; open your mind to life’s gleeful droll. Be ready to extol all of the trips the universe lays at our finger tips, and primed to accept your role.

Above our head blazes the sun, steadily burning away sneers. Shining bright for millions of years, always there to dry away the sky’s life giving tears. Terra under our feet holding us up. Trees waving in the breeze so large, lending us its air so we might have a chance to breathe, free of charge. Nature abounds with these living vibrations all around, not afraid to surround, daring us to send them amongst the others on the ground.

Take these vibrations with you, wherever you go. Spread them across the winds, wind them into your deeds, planting them with care, like the farmer with his seed. As the harvest moon rises, the world will reap its reward, able to strike down terror and hate with its might once again restored. Do not take for granted the life we all bare, or overlook the vibrations we all together share, everyone playing their part to save our neighbors from being worse for ware. We all share this life and the beauty it holds.  To maintain the fellow man and woman, the young and the old, together we must unite, endeavoring to be so bold.


more by E.J. TANNER

photograph by Ales Krivec

Image Curve’s Manifesto


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