Be Wary of Wishes – Part Two

Fountain Park in Baku
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At this point it was nearly 10pm and although a part of Erica wanted to just go for it, something about going through with it made her hesitate. Yet after reminding herself that she could use a bit of a thrill, she agreed to come along with Nolan. Erica had expected that the area would be taped off and perhaps that she would see some blood, but nothing like that happened. Yet she still couldn’t shake the eerie mood surrounding the place where a young woman had shot her boyfriend before killing herself. Yet while Erica played along, it was as if Nolan could sense that Erica wanted to leave the park, so he grabbed her close and begin to passionately kiss her. This is what Erica had been waiting for, not just today, but of late, everyday. While kissing Nolan, Erica forgot about the death of the couple and about anything else that could threaten to spoil her moment. She was so wrapped up in the moment and in her desire that she didn’t even think twice when Nolan suggested that they jump into the fountain. Erica had been having such an amazing night and had already taken several risks that she figured, why not another? The two of them splashed around, and Nolan couldn’t stop laughing when Erica slipped and fell on the floor of the fountain. And instead of helping to pick her up, he just sat beside her while continuing to laugh.

Once the laughter had settled down, Erica looked down at the coins within the fountain and realized that people had thrown the coins inside to make wishes. She smiled and thought to herself of the irony of her sitting within a fountain on top of wishes that others had made, while she had finally got what she had wished for. After staring down at the coins, Erica picked up a coin and handed it to Nolan. At first Nolan refused to take it, saying to Erica that taking the coin made him feel like he was stealing someone else’s wish. But then they both laughed and started to pick up coins, while joking about the possibility of actually having the wishes of others come true for them. Nolan even suggested that they go to a store after leaving to purchase a few of those dollar lottery scratch tickets and that’s exactly what they did.

So on their way home they stopped at a local grocery store and purchased three different scratch tickets. But after feeling a little guilty about taking the coins from the fountain, Erica suggested that they give a few coins to a few homeless people they saw along the way and Nolan agreed.

When they returned home and changed their clothes, Erica came over to Nolan’s apartment to see if they had actually won anything. On the first ticket scratched they won $10, on the second they won $500, and finally on the third they won $1000 a week for life. Neither one of them could believe that this was really happening to them. And both shared how unlucky they had always been with gambling. Then suddenly a strange feeling came over Nolan and he started to wonder if they had actually stolen other people’s wishes or if this had all been a lucky coincidence. When he shared this idea with Erica, she just laughed it off and instead started to talk about how they would spend their winnings. They spoke about perhaps taking a trip together. Erica suggested that they should go on a cruise, after all it had been awhile since she had last gone on one. But Nolan had come up with the idea of backpacking through Europe. Either way it all seemed full of opportunity and excitement to Erica, so she didn’t protest about his idea. Yet, even with the enthusiasm they shared about what to do with their winnings, Erica couldn’t completely ignore how they came about the money for those lucky scratch tickets. But she didn’t want to spoil the mood, so she just kept those ideas to herself.

Entry 1

It’s been so long since I’ve written in this journal but I find it hard to keep this all to myself. Last night will go down as one of my most memorable experiences. And I really needed this or something like this. I still find it hard to believe that the neighbor next door finally noticed me. Well he actually did more than just take notice; he took me on a mini adventure. I can’t believe I even agreed to join him last night for wine in Central Park. Am I fucking crazy or what? All I know is that I had been missing some sense of excitement for the past few years and last night was exactly what I needed. Wine, conversation, and long kisses with my mysterious, and charming neighbor, it was everything I wanted and more. And I certainly can’t forget visiting the scene of a recent crime. Though, I do wonder what made that woman kill her boyfriend and herself. After thinking about it, I sort of feel guilty now for having such a good time in that fountain. And silly enough, I also feel bad for taking the coins from the fountain. And after using the coins to purchase the winning lottery scratch tickets, I can’t help but to wonder if what Nolan said about us stealing other people’s wishes could actually be true. I suppose on some level I believe it’s possible, I mean strange and unexplainable things do happen from time to time. But no, that just can’t be, right? Well I just can’t entertain this thought too much. All I want to focus on is when Nolan will invite me over again.

Entry 2

I just don’t feel comfortable enough sharing with anyone what Nolan has just told me.


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Photograph by Alexmu

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