A Different Life

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we all wish for it in various moments
during our day
so we could do a different thing
live somewhere else
have the courage we miss
or kiss the wind while everyone is looking

we all repress and deny
but what if it was okay
to feel what we feel
without the need to escape
without fear

we are who we are
no matter where we go or what we do
there is no escaping or changing
there is no life
that will free us from the freedom we have in this one

there is only us
in an universe of moments
flying by while we watch
and wish we could freeze them
to feel happy for just one more second
a little bit more of that addiction
followed by sadness and loss
our well-known friends

we are humans
seeking for perfection
and laughter
until the end

more by Ursula Babic

photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

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