A Jet Lag of Lands

misty mountains with blue sky and white clouds


it has been thrown
over various borders
and held by many hands
while trying to listen
to the sound of sleep

sleep my darling, close your eyes
sleep my moon, high in the sky
sleep away all your troubles
sleep until the morning rises

it has been hiking in high mountains
and grazing the greenery below
over the shadows of villages
and resting sheep among

among the rivers to the peace
among the soldiers to the war
among the houses to the children
among the clouds to the sun

it knows no better
than to dream of the day
when everything will settle
and it hopes for the moment
of stillness born

to wish for tomorrow
that is all it wants to forget
to enjoy the moment
that is all it wants to know

more by Ursula Babic

photo by Billy Williams on Unsplash

The Writers Manifesto


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